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There are now 229 unicorn startups, with $175B in funding and $1.3T valuation
VentureBeat Tales of the tech unicorn’s impending demise might be somewhat exaggerated. Spoke Intelligence and VB Profiles released a report...
Recommended by Brian Lederer 0
Power Laws in Venture
Reaction Wheel …The more rightward-skewed the distribution is, whether Pareto-Levy, log normal, or some related form, the more difficult it is to hedge against risk by supporting sizable portfolios of innov…
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Why Everyone Wants You To Fuck Up. — Life Learning
Recommended by Company Recommender · Length: 4 minutes 22
Cars and the Future
Stratechery by Ben Thompson A massive revolution in cars seems right around the corner. However, I think it will take longer then most technologists think, but when it comes it will come quickly.
Recommended by Kelwyn Looi 0
Nobody Wants To Use Your Product – Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine People are not into using products. They're more interested in obtaining the end result in the quickest, least intrusive and most efficient way.
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 12 minutes 6
Before Growth
Sam Altman We tell startups all the time that they have to grow quickly. That’s true, and very good advice, but I think the current fashion of Silicon Valley startups has taken this to...
Recommended by Nathan Guo 0
The Happiness Code
New York Times A new approach to self-improvement is taking off in Silicon Valley: cold, hard rationality.
Recommended by Nathan Guo  · Length: 25 minutes 22
All Revenue is Not Created Equal: The Keys to the 10X Revenue Club
Above the Crowd By Bill Gurley...
Recommended by Nathan Guo  · Length: 17 minutes 11
Evernote’s 5% problem offers a cautionary lesson to tech companies
VentureBeat Looking back at Evernote's fall from grace, it's clear the problems were already apparent to the company when I...
Recommended by Cam Vermette 0
The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2015
In 2015, we brought you nearly 100 articles chock-full of advice from the best minds in tech. Here, we've distilled this down to the very best, needle-moving insights.
Recommended by Craig Prager  · Length: 24 minutes 25
A Guide to Seed Fundraising · The Macro
A Guide to Seed Fundraising · The Macro...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 0
Scale-up Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Over 9 Years as HubSpot’s CEO — ReadThink (by HubSpot)
Medium HubSpot is 9 years old. I consider that we spent our first 6–7 years in “startup” mode, where we...
Recommended by Company Recommender · Length: 13 minutes 14
Most Company Culture Posts are Fluffy Bullshit?—?Here is what you actually need to know — Evergreen Business Fortnightly
Medium Company Culture is an annoying subject to research. It’s a mushy marshland of vague language, incomplete redefinitions, …
Recommended by Sachin Kadam  · Length: 16 minutes 26
Customer Support is a Feature — Support Ops
Medium “One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” — Jim Rohn...
Recommended by Jack Mara  · Length: 4 minutes 12
Future of messaging apps spells end to 'Google as we know it'
USA TODAY What if you never had to leave your messaging app to do anything?
Recommended by Company Recommender · Length: 3 minutes 21
Silly Season Ends in Silicon Valley
Bloomberg Gadfly Venture capital firms pull back on startup bets.
Recommended by Chris Kelley  · Length: 4 minutes 21
How a Nation of Tech Copycats Transformed Into a Hub for Innovation
WIRED China, once known more for manufacturing stuff for the rest of the world and copying everyone else's IP, is...
Recommended by Sachin Kadam 1
Danielle Fong of LightSail Energy Fights to Get Past the Clean-Energy Startup Pinch
MIT Technology Review An inventor of a storage technology tries to outlast a brutal stretch for new energy companies.
Recommended by Nathan Guo  · Length: 6 minutes 4
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10Thoughts is where business professionals find the best article content recommended by their talented peers.

The internet is vast and inundated with clickbait – too much choice, too little quality. We believe that recommendations from trusted colleagues and peers is the most efficient way to discover the best content.

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What is 10Thoughts?

10Thoughts is a place where business professionals find the best content recommended by their talented colleagues and peers.

Where did it come from?

10Thoughts was founded by two brothers, Jack and Jeffrey Mara. It started at Darden Business School with students recommending articles for their classmates. It then expanded across the MBA community and into the broader business world.

Who recommends the articles?

Article recommendations on 10Thoughts come from one of two places:

  1. 10Thoughts users can apply to recommend content– recommender applications are carefully vetted to ensure high quality articles from top, thoughtful minds
  2. Professionals in different companies and institutions are constantly recommending content on their internal 10Thoughts platforms. We post the best of their recommendations – stripped of name and company affiliation – on the 10Thoughts website

How do I become a recommender?

You can apply right here!

And why should I become a recommender?

10Thoughts recommenders build their brand by sharing impactful articles with a highly talented community of readers.

We increase the professional exposure of our recommenders by linking their names directly to their LinkedIn profile – our readers can then check out the people recommending content they enjoying.

10Thoughts recommenders are always welcome to blog on the site and readers can opt to subscribe to individual recommenders to receive all the content they recommend.

What’s a company platform?

We offer customized 10Thoughts platforms for companies and institutions. Find more info here

What is the “recommended by” section of the website?

Recommended by is a place to see content recommended by business professionals in different fields (for example: recommended by MBAs, by consultants, by lawyers, by financial services professionals).

I wish there was recommended by [fill in the blank]…

You can help us build it! Get in touch.

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Yes, you can download the first version of our iOS app here. We will be building future versions to continue to add functionality and enhance the user experience.

What about Android?

Unfortunately we don’t have an android app yet, but the site is mobile friendly.

Do you have a blog?

Yes, we try to blog weekly on the site. We generally discuss different challenges and learnings throughout our entrepreneurial process. Our recommenders are welcome to blog anytime and we occasionally feature guest blogs.

Have you considered…?

Contact us, we love to hear from our readers.

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